Monday, January 15, 2007

Tipping the cotton-elastine blend.

Yeah, I'm digging out old artwork again. Not to say much, simply to point out that, if those people on the cutting edge of fashion truly saw the way you dress as a form of personal expression, they wouldn't mind and thus wouldn't ridicule people who choose not to follow the latest trends. The amount of times I've heard comments and had people burst into obvious giggles just as they pass me merely because I am wearing (shock horror!) a long skirt is starting to make me loose faith in the ability of humans to grow up and get used to the fact that some people just don't like skin tight jeans or the current fashion of cropped tights/leggings under short denim skirts. I'll be wearing my velvet drapery with pride, thank you very much, and I shall be striding down the streets with the supreme satisfaction of wearing exactly what makes me feel comfortable and good about my appearance.* Yes, that includes the zany top with the mismatched sleeves. It's real fashion! EVERYTHING GOES!

One thing I have noticed is the increasing number of girls who sent the 'catty' remarks my way who, only a year or two ago, were hardly the most sartorially up-to-the-minute. In biology, we learn about the huge capacity we primates have for learning from our environment. If my suspicions are correct, they may have attracted a certain amount of flak for their appearance at some point between then and now, as the transformation from 'plain' to 'fashionable' seems to be rather dramatic to be a simple evolution in their clothing tastes; perhaps they have learned from others that it is acceptable to ridicule those who obviously dress differently. The general public and their media has certainly become more judgemental (in the most open minded way, they swear) as of late.

In conclusion: I'm fed up with people that go about judging my appearance who then get really offended when others judge them by their own. I'm neither a prude nor religiously orthodox**, to answer the two most common comments. Leave me alone before I smother you with my voluminous sleeves.

Hm. Perhaps it's time to show them that top.

Then again, maybe not.

*Also, the material feels fantastic to wear and touch. Those of you who have ever worn large amounts of velvety material will know what I mean.


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