Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hillary Clinton FOR THE WIN!

Hillary Clinton has just announced on her website that she is forming a commitee to run for presidency next year. I'll edit this later if I learn enough about her and Barack Obama to find out how good an alternative either of them would make to the Republicans, but until then... WOO!

2008 - anything's better than Bush. Apart from the rest of the Republican party.


  1. So... are you excited just cos she's a woman?

  2. No. I excited because she has proven to be extremly intelligent and capable as a senator, and could provide a very good alternative to what America and the world has had for the past six years. She's also not Republican. However, I'm waiting to see if her policies have changed at all before I like her unconditionally.

    Though if she becomes the first female American president AND proves popular and good at her job, then it'll be sending a pretty nifty message out even more powerful than Nancy Pelosi's - women can too.
    Even Thatcher made dreams seem more real, despite her policies.

    Finally, as a female middle-ground politician, she may have more elightened views towards women's rights than Bush and his lot do. It's like Barack Obama - an African American Democrat could very easily have a better approach to equality than a right-wing white ex-governor of Texas. And again, I don't know what his policies will be either, if he gets past the 'exploratory commitee' stage.