Saturday, January 06, 2007

Here's to you Martha...

... you really haven't got a clue.
Yup, seems I've been targeted by the oh-so-dull Martha, aka Booboo, aka Marian. A little bit of websearching has revealed some of his posting history, and with help from Laurelin and subsequently Trolbuster, have filled in the gaps. Despite posting under the name of Martha, however, he appears to be using an IP address similar to Jack Goff - another troll. How strange. Reading his blog is real good fun, not least due to his transparency. Using all the evidence I gathered, plus the first few words of the comment he left without realising that I have moderation powers, I have built up what I think is a very accurate picture of this rather irritating troll's current form.

Yes, I bet he talks like that. A word of advice to Martha - don't refer to those that you would have us believe to be your own tribespeople as 'sand niggers'. It's a bit of a giveaway. Also, I can tell what country all the visitors to this blog are in, and you seem to be situated in North America. It even tells me your city and state. If I'm mistaken, well, there's only one other possibility for the day you commented, and it ain't Afghanistan.

This is fun. Would anyone else like to draw a portrait of their troll(s)? Tell me if you do, I'd love to see.

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