Monday, January 08, 2007

How very telling.

I was very surprised, upon reading the sitemeter report, that my humble little webcomic, usually only viewed by people who know me, had been getting so many hits - more in this past week than in the last month. Upon closer inspection, however, I discovered that it was all thanks to my response to Anonymous. Read through it, and try and pick out the key words that brought people from as far afield as South Africa. A hint - it wasn't the word 'feminist'.

My opinion of Internet porn users is made worse with every search word I read. I wouldn't mind if it weren't for the fact that there are a fair few guys I know who are porn users and a good deal more that I don't know about who probably are as well. I wonder if they use these same search criteria in their quest for masturbatory material. There's plenty of violence and rather disturbing fantasies in there. I find out even more just by reading through the blogs in the list at the side. Ignorance was bliss, a lot of these things I wish I'd never read - and am even more sorry that people actually find these things appealing. The kind of things associated with rape, pain and even death for millions of women worldwide are associated with sexual pleasure for millions of porn users worldwide. That is seriously messed up. And don't say it's merely 'natural instinct'. While the most basic aspects of sex are likely innate, a lot of it, including courtship and sexual practise are heavily influenced by other humans and external stimuli. The eroticisation of control (almost exclusively by men) and violence (almost exclusively against women) has lead to many young men and even women growing thinking that that is what sex is all about, and an upsurge in rape (and many traumatised women not realising that what they have experienced is defined as rape, not 'just sex'). Before, it was virginity and chastity belts. Once feminism really came into it's own, sex was all about showing forcing her to recognise that he is still in charge. Defend it all you want. Have a look for yourself. Don't refer me to porn sites - I don't care that there are 'alternatives' which are 'woman friendly' or that not all porn sites show rape (how do you know?). These search queries seem to say a lot more about what some people want to see than the images that they may actually see.


...and that, my friends, is EXACTLY how what was supposed to be a short comment turns into an unplanned rant.

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