Monday, June 15, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Here’s the reason, stated plainly: Forget for a moment that Palin is anti-choice, something that makes my fucking blood boil. Let’s consider only her party-affiliation: If Palin runs around with Republicans, the enemies of women’s rights and women’s organizations, does she have any right to turn around and expect feminists to defend her in feminist terms? It’s like Caitlin Flanagan and Phyllis Shlafly – “women” shouldn’t work, but I will, thankyouverymuch. Palin: “women” shouldn’t have everything that feminism and liberals want them to have, but my daughters need feminist defense."

The Apostate on Sarah Palin's sudden conversion to feminism.

Shortened version: Feminists can, should and often will speak out against sexism regardless of the target woman's political alignment, but it's really galling when those same women turn around and say, "Thanks for the support. Now fuck off.".

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