Saturday, June 13, 2009

Diary of a Hairy Young Lady: Dare to bare!

Adverts are everywhere now the weather's heating up. 'Get your legs ready for summer!' 'Don't hide away!' 'Dare to bare with Nair!' Clearly, us women need Wilkinson Sword and Veet to enjoy the hot weather, for we cannot show an inch of skin if it's got any of that... that... stuff on it. Urgh. We'd be run out of town.
Same with all the lotion companies - we may be Scots, but that's apparently no excuse for having pasty skin, and the bizarre, unnatural Oompa-loompa 'Maryhill Makeover' look is bursting back into full bloom nationwide. To quote an Irish woman on the radio, "I used to go home and all the girls had white faces and orange hair. No they all have white hair and orange faces."

I hereby declare that my legs ARE ready for the outside world. At any time. With their natural coat and sans fake tan.

Click for full-sized hairy glory!

I will also admit that I'm rather fond of Carl Sagan's work.

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