Monday, January 07, 2008

Glasgow Feminists!

Come, gather! The Glasgow Feminist Network has recently formed and is looking for women of a feminist slant to come along and share your views and ideas! The third meeting is tomorrow (Tuesday) which reminded me to post about it. It's still in the early stages and we're still deciding how the group should be, so the more input we have the better. Last time it was decided by a vote that the majority of meetings will be women-only - I have a post to write on this about the reasons for this and my own thoughts on the matter, so save your objections or comments on this for then before you start accusing me of being a rabid anti-male separatist. However, we hope to hold other events that will include men as well, as we do not wish to exclude anyone entirely. For women who have children and need to hire babysitters in order to attend meetings, there's a collection to help towards that cost. The specifics of where and when future meetings will be held can be found in the following places:


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