Sunday, April 15, 2007

Anti-Feminist Bingo!

Two bingo cards have recently sprung up as a way of 'spotting the trolls' or anyone who doesn't actually give a shit about feminism or they would not be saying these things. The first one, concerning 'general anti-feminism' is from Hoyden About Town:

The second one, concerning the more specific subject of anti-feminism in comics, is at Girls Read Comics (And They're Pissed):

Click each one to go to their respective blog posts. And before you say something daft because you can't be bothered reading the actual posts, I'll say it here: Some of those entries may not be anti-feminism in and of themselves. Case in point: the 'Patriarchy hurts men too' square in the first card is actually part of the feminist philosophy, and has been discussed many times all over the place. However, if spouted along with several other phrases there, it's almost always a way of de-railing a discussion and is basically another way of saying 'But what about the men?!'. Remember, this is bingo - you're scoring five-in-a-row, not one.


  1. In summation, all you're allowed to say is "I agree".

  2. I don't expect that last comment to get published, since it wasn't "I agree".

  3. hmmm mezzi...I agree...haha!

    Do you mind if I borrow this (with full linkage of course)? I think a couple of regular male readers of my blog could benefit from reading them...

  4. Latest blog post is a bit fucked up.
    image doesnt fit and there's no comments link.

  5. That's what happens when I just trust the other site's codes. Is it okay now?

  6. Two very funny bingo games! I love comedy bingo games and want to find more ideas!